Avoiding Sugar Promotes Good Dental Health in Lakewood

good dental health LakewoodAre you worried about your overall dental health in Lakewood? Numerous factors can impact your teeth, and limiting your sugar intake is one of them. While regularly-scheduled teeth and gum cleanings with your family dentist are important, they aren’t enough to prevent the development of cavities, especially if you consume a lot of sugar. Sugar can weaken your teeth over time and leave them susceptible to bacteria. These simple changes to your routine can help.

Start Small

Start achieving your dental health outcomes by establishing small, measurable goals – like cutting soda from your diet. Good, lasting change takes time. It’s okay if you slip up occasionally as long as you continue making progress.

Check Ingredient Labels

Dental health is greatly impacted by what you choose to eat. When shopping, spend some time reviewing ingredient labels. Avoid foods and drinks with excess sugar, including items with high fructose corn syrup and molasses. It may help to ask, “Would my dentist recommend eating this?”

Opt for Unsweetened Alternatives

Of course, you don’t have to cut all sweets. Try opting for unsweetened alternatives to some of your favorite items. Many naturally sweet products will say “no sugar added.” This small change can help you prevent trips to the dentist over time.

Want More Dental Health Advice in Lakewood?

Avoiding sugar is a great start, but there are several other habits that can help keep your smile bright for years to come. The team at Lakewood Dental Group is here to offer advice and any needed family dentistry services. Our practice is the number one solution for routine dental cleanings and pain relief. Additionally, we regularly provide assistance with cosmetic dentistry and implant-supported dentures. Families have come to depend on our highly-trained specialists for quality care.  Contact us today for a consultation.

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